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Visiting Puebla and its surroundings is an incredible experience of historical, cultural, natural and archaeological sites. This is a great opportunity to visit some tourist places that are not been explored very much but with great cultural interest.

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Puebla city, formally named “Puebla de los Angeles”, is the seat of the Municipality of Puebla, capital city of the State with same name, in Mexico. Being the second most important Spanish colonial era planned city, it is located southeast of Mexico City and west of Golf of Mexico's main port, Veracruz, right at Central Mexico.

Puebla was founded by Spanish in 1531 in an area called "Cuetlaxcoapan", which means "where serpents shed their skin", right next to two of the main indigenous settlements at that time: Tlaxcala and Cholula. This valley was not populated in the 16th century as in the pre-Hispanic period; this area was primarily used to the so-called "flower wars" between a number of populations. Due to its history and architectural styles ranging from Renaissance to Mexican Baroque, the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. Puebla city is also famous for its food names and tasty dishes such as “Mole Poblano” or “Chiles en Nogada” and art such as Talavera ceramic. However, most of its economy is based in the manufacturing industry.

Being both the fourth largest city in Mexico, the city serves as one of the main hubs for eastern Central Mexico because its special historical and cultural facts about it. Many students come from all over the country. The city is also important because of its industry, with one of the world's largest Volkswagen factories outside of Germany located next to Puebla city. Nowadays, a new Audi plant is in construction in the State of Puebla to be part of the same hub.

List of Custom Tours

Puebla | City Tour


Monday to Saturday

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. lking tour takes 3 or 4 hours in downtown Puebla to see the city highlights. It includes: Zocalo Square, Cathedral Church, Palafoxian Library, House of Dolls, Chapel of Rosary, Street of Candies Stores, House of Mexican Revolution and Artist Square.

Request Puebla City Tour.

Puebla | Gastronomy

Food Tours

Monday to Saturday, 11:00 to 14:00

UNESCO Intagible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010. Three different walking gastronomic tours are offered in Puebla. All of them are customized to be taken during half-day visit to the city.Each walking tour combines an easy downtown loop with tastes of a half-dozen of Pueblan street foods with explanation of some related city highlights. Read more about Food Tours.


Puebla Cooking Class

Pick up a week day for fun hands-on cooking lessons on the Mexican cuisine arts for 3 hour class in Puebla. Lety Vergara is a cook that offers a cooking class and leads you into a Puebla traditional local market for a broad overview of local ingredients and flavours before you whip up authentic Mexican dishes. Or, upgrade to "State of Art" seasonal dishes in Puebla cuisine and spend more time in Lety's kitchen. Enjoy personalized attention on this experience limited to just three up to four people.

Cost: 75 USD per person / 99 USD per couple, limited occupancy