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Visting Puebla, Mexico, is an incredible experience to explore natural beauty that offers you a great opportunity to enjoy some places that are not been explored very much but with great natural interest.

List of Nature Tours

Popo volcano's view
UNESCO Site | Natural Park

Cuicatlan Tehuacan

Monday to Saturday

The site gathers the densest columnar cacti forests in the world that present a unique landscape also made up of maguey, yuccas and oaks. The archaeological remains show a technical evolution of the early domestication of vegetables. The valley presents an exceptional system of water management, built by channels, wells, aqueducts and dams that are the oldest in the continent and allowed the sedentarization of communities that lived of agriculture. I'm interested in Cuicatlan Tehuacan Tour

Popo volcano's view
Puebla | Popocatépetl & Iztaccihuatl & Malinche


Monday to Saturday

OPTION ONE: "Popocatepetl" or "Popo" volcano (5,452 m/17,887 ft) & "Ixtaccihuatl" or "Iztaccihuatl" or "Izta" volcano (5,286 m/17,343 ft). 5 Hours. Tour takes you to get half way of both volcanoes at 3,600 m (11,811 ft) for a 2-hour walk in the woods. Request Popo-Izta tour.

OPTION TWO: "Malinche" mountain (4,461 m/14,636 ft). 10 to 12 Hours. Drive to camp base and waiting time for round climbing. Request Malinche drive.


Puebla Cooking Class

Pick up a week day for fun hands-on cooking lessons on the Mexican cuisine arts for 3 hour class in Puebla. Lety Vergara is a cook that offers a cooking class and leads you into a Puebla traditional local market for a broad overview of local ingredients and flavours before you whip up authentic Mexican dishes. Or, upgrade to "State of Art" seasonal dishes in Puebla cuisine and spend more time in Lety's kitchen. Enjoy personalized attention on this experience limited to just three up to four people.

Cost: 75 USD per person / 99 USD per couple, limited occupancy