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Magic or Magical Towns (or "Pueblos Magicos") is an initiative led by the Mexican Ministery of Tourism (SECTUR) to promote a series of towns that offer to visitors a "magical" experience by reason of their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance. A magical town is a place with symbolism, legends, history, important events, day-to-day life – in other words, "magical" in its social and cultural manifestations.

Puebla, Mexico, has several magical towns to visit such as: Atlixco, Chignahuapan, Cholula, Cuetzalan, Huachinango, Pahuatlan, Tlatlauquitepec, Xicotepec y Zacatlan.

List of Magical Town Tours

Atlixco | Architecture, Flowers, Food


Monday to Saturday

Atlixco de las Flores (Atlixco of flowers) is so called "the best climate" in the world for its temperate and stable temperature throughout the year and fertile landscapes with all kind of flowers and colorful view of the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes. Atlixco is known for having he best flowers in the region and very tasty dried meat meals at the central market. There is Sunday street cactus and flowers market at central park. Atlixco is also know for its anually cultural festival named "Huey Atlixcayotl".  Huey Atlixcayotl started in 1965, it's celebrated in town on the last Sunday of September at the "Cerro de San Miguel" and gathers delegations of the eleven regions of the State of Puebla to display a beautiful mosaic of folk dance and traditions. Atlixco highlights: Carmelite Exconvent of "El Carmen", Nativity of Mary parish church, City Hall murals, Atlixco food market, Cabrera flower market. Tour time 3 hours

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Chignahuapan | Architecture, Christmas Balls, Food & Crafts


Monday to Saturday

Chignahuapan is a destination with famous touristic attractions, well known all over Puebla State, such as the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception which has a monumental wood sculpture of Our Lady Mary and the largest of its kind in Latin America. The main industry of Chignahuapan is the manufacture of Christmas balls.  Chignahuapan also is known for its hot springs with healing and therapeutic properties and as birthplace of a famous Mexican comedian named Gaspar Henaine "Capulina". Chignahuapan highlights to visit: Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Saint James Parish Church (Santiago Apostol), Chritsmas glass balls factory, Zocalo park and its wood Moorish style kiosk and City Hall murals.

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Cholula | Archeology, Crafts, Food, Processions


Monday to Saturday

Cholula is considerated the oldest inhabited city of the Americas for its uninterrupted human presence for the last 3,000 years with people from different ethnic origin such as Olmecs, Olmec-Xicalancas, Teotihuacan, Toltec and other. Cholula was also, considerated by the antique inhabitants of Mexico, the city of the Prehispanic god named Quetzalcoatl, "the plummed serpent", and center of pilgrimages of the antique Mexico. Hernan Cortes and his soldiers arrived in Cholula in 1519 and found a beautiful city crowded with temples temples and pyramids to honor many other Prehispanic gods such as we can confirm at the Great Pyramid of Cholula which square base is the world's largest. Cholula highlights: Pyramid of Cholula, Site Museum, Our Lady of Remedies Church, Santa Maria Tonanzintla & San Francisco Acatepec. Tour time 3 to 4 hours.

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Huachinango | Nature Tourism & Adventure


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Surrounded by high mountains, crossed by rivers that descend into deep ravines forming waterfalls, Huauchinango is an ideal place for nature tourism and the ultimate adventure.

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Pahuatlan | Amate Paper, Textiles


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The area has great architectural and craft wealth, its inhabitants continue developing the country's oldest paper, Amate paper (bark paper). People from this region have managed to keep intact lifestyles as well as the Nahuatl and Otomi traditions. The most important festival takes place in honor of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Tour Time 8 hours.

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Tlatlauquitepec | Nature Adventure & Gastromomy


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Considered the garden saw. There is a XVI-century Franciscan convent and the church of Our Lady of the Assumption. El Cerro Cabezón Hill dominates the landscape from anywhere in the village, Sanctuary of Huaxtla, and admiring the skill of silversmiths living among oaks and fir trees.

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Xicotepec | Architecture, Huasteco Culture


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Natural views in a mountain chain that smells like coffee. There is visit to a ceremonial rock named Xochipila and to museum of Carranza.

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Zacatlan | Jewel of Sierra Norte


Monday to Saturday

Zacatlán de las Manzanas (Zacatlan of Apples) is a city located in the Northen Sierra of Puebla. The area is known for its production of apples, berries, cider and fruit wines, products promoted annually at local fairs such as “Fair of Apple” and “ Fair of Cider”.  Zacatlán is also homeplace to the "Relojes Centenario" company (started in 1918), the first monumental clock factory in Latin America and provider of the city main square’s monumental double-sided flower clock. Zacatlán's historic center of is filled with traditional houses with red tile roofs. And you will find some bakeries or street vendors offering cheese bread and apple pie. At the sourroudings, there is a significant indigenous population, woods, waterfalls, ravines and rock formations such as "Piedras Encimadas". Zacatlán highlights: Parish church of Saint Peter & Saint Paul (1670-1740) in native barroque style and its chapel of Guadalupe with a beautiful carved wooded decoration, Franciscan Ex-convent basilica plant church (1562-1567) that is the oldest in Puebla State, "Relojes Centenario" monumental clock factory's museum, city cementary's tiled murals and its canyon walk.

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Cuetzalan is a small native town set high in the hills in the north of the Mexican state of Puebla. A Paradise In The Mountains. Town itself is characterized by sloping cobbled streets and numerous rustic buildings. Landscape where town is located is famous for its beauty and vegetation.

The town center is composed largely of handicraft markets as well as numerous stalls selling every-day necessities. Area is famous for its cave system and waterfalls. Native groups are present in the area such as Nahua, Totonaco and Otomi.