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Visting Puebla, Mexico, is an incredible experience and great opportunity to explore places where Carnival dances & customs, Native festivals and Good Friday processions offer you a local anthropological vision with unique cultural and historical interest.

List of Events

Puebla, Huejotzingo, Tlaxcala | Before Ash Wednesday


March 2nd to 5th, 2019

In Puebla city and its surroundings Carnival is celebrated with rich and historical tradition where Native and Spanish elements are combined in a interesting and unique mix of colors and symbols. This is a great opportunity to visit places that are not been explored during the week before Ash Wednesday.

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Cuetzalan | Native Pride

Coronation of Huipil Queen

October 3rd and 4th, 2018

Nahuatl native people of Cuetzalan in Puebla State, crown a woman as their new Huipil queen, celebrating the traditional female garment worn by native women at their annual festival of Saint Francis of Assisi. Several young women from Cuetzalan area, which is home to 168 native communities, compete for the title, parading before the judges, wearing large and intricate wool headgear, carrying a tassel in their hands, sporting regional dresses and barefoot. To participate in Huipil Queen contest, women must be 15 to 20 years old, proficient in both Nahuatl and Spanish, and demonstrate a passion for tradition with a speech in both languages about their communities before the judges and public in Cuetzalan’s main square. The panel authority figures (named “Tatiaxkas”), from the native communities and individuals with knowledge about the region’s culture, vote by dropping a tassel in a box of the same color as the one their candidate carries. After all the judges have voted, the box is opened, the sashes are tossed into the air and the colors are tallied.

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Puebla | Good Friday

Procession of Silence

Friday Apr 19th, 2019

Over a hundred thousand of devotees from home and abroad participated in the Good Friday Procession as every year takes place in the streets of the historic center of the city and the faith of thousands of Catholics is overwhelmed. These images are adorned and loaded on a stretcher through the streets.

The "Virgen de la Soledad" leading the procession and will led exclusively by women; followed by "Jesus of the Three Falls" (Parish of Analco); then the beautiful image of the "Virgen de los Dolores" (Temple of Carmen) carried by parishioners of her brotherhood; then "Jesus of Nazareth" (Parish of San Jose) and finally the venerated image of the "Lord of Wonders" (Temple of Santa Monica), the latter two are ported and followed by the brothers of the Nazarenes Brotherhood.

The rescue of the procession was done in the immediate period after the founding of our city and was suspended in 1856, turning to resume until 1992 as the rebirth of one of the richest traditions of Puebla. Request Good Friday in Puebla


Puebla Cooking Class

Pick up a week day for fun hands-on cooking lessons on the Mexican cuisine arts for 3 hour class in Puebla. Lety Vergara is a cook that offers a cooking class and leads you into a Puebla traditional local market for a broad overview of local ingredients and flavours before you whip up authentic Mexican dishes. Or, upgrade to "State of Art" seasonal dishes in Puebla cuisine and spend more time in Lety's kitchen. Enjoy personalized attention on this experience limited to just three up to four people.

Cost: 75 USD per person / 99 USD per couple, limited occupancy